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With the passage of the Telecom Act of 1996, the methodology of UNE-L emerged as one way to harness the now-opened ILEC networks. Other methods also emerged, such as resale and UNE-P, that were simply different methods of pursuing revenue as a CLEC. Of these, UNE-P has emerged as the clear leader in terms of profit potential.

UNE-L: An Early Option

Early in the CLEC game, UNE-L emerged, along with resale, as a means of tapping into ILEC networks for revenue. However, as methods were refined, enterprising CLECs quickly discovered that these methods were not the most effective for cashing in on market potential. This designation belongs to UNE-P, and this method continues to be the most promising inroad into the tremendous market share that still awaits CLECs.

In fact, industry projections indicate that the presence of UNE-P CLECs will continue to grow to the degree that this is a trend in the industry that is not going away. As the premier solution for single lines, UNE-P will remain a viable solution for any start-up CLEC looking to capitalize on the profits to be had in the growing market. At the same time, forward-thinking CLECs currently in operation have already begun to develop technologies to use in addition to UNE-P that are also increasing net profits.

The Face of the Future

As an entrepreneur looking to gain a foothold in the CLEC market, UNE-P is the clear methodology to use in the present and future market environment. It would be wise to consider other technologies as way to tap into the growing revenue streams, but for now, UNE-P is the clear leader. Individuals can take advantage of the refinement of UNE-P solutions that has occurred in the past few years, and get a jump on the possibilities that these solutions allow for.

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