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After the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the UNE-P solution for CLECs slowly but surely emerged as the leading solution for tapping into the tremendous revenue potential created through the freeing up of ILEC networks. Though it did not happen overnight, as carriers refined their techniques it became clear that using such a platform was substantially more profitable than resale or UNE-L solutions. Many companies quickly capitalized on this knowledge, and now the UNE-Platform solution is the fastest growing local exchange solution.

UNE-P: The Growth Potential

Current industry projections indicate that the UNE-P solution will experience exponential growth as a solution for the country's telecom services over the next few years. Recent legislation solidifying the position of CLECs will also bolster the expansion of the platform solution as well. By all calculations, it will continue to be the premier solution for single-line operations.

At the same time, the development of new technologies is allowing for additional methodologies for providing multi-line solutions. These solutions are being designed as an application for rural areas where a UNE-P operation is not as feasible. Nevertheless, where ILEC networks are readily accessible, UNE-P remains the primary option.

A Good Bet for the Future

The viability of the UNE-P solution will only continue to increase as more carriers adopt the methodology. It has quickly risen to the top of the list for revenue generation in just a short time, so its effectiveness cannot be overstated. It would still be good business practice to keep an eye out for developing technologies that could add to that revenue generation, but it is likely that any such techniques will be working in addition to--not supplanting--UNE-P.

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