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When you are looking for the best in voice over IP services, you have good number of places to turn to, so you will not have to worry about finding a quality provider. At the same time, the large number of possible providers can prove challenging, particularly when you want to determine who is offering the best, most dependable service. This qualification is a key, especially when you consider that VOIP is often the best IP solution for suburban or rural areas when analog solutions just don't do the trick.

Voice Over IP: Features and Advantages

Voice over IP solutions are a great option for suburban and rural users in a variety of ways. It works well for businesses using three or more lines, with unlimited line capacity, or home-based businesses where users want fast Internet connections or phone services from large cities close by. It surpasses analog Internet service in offering speeds of 128, 256, 384, or 512K to users--a clear advantage, particularly when a DSL is not available.

The functioning of VOIP requires only a specific IP telephone and router, both of which can usually be leased at low rates. Also, this solution is effective for transferring phone calls, even between offices at different locations. These are just a few of the powerful features of a VOIP solution, but just the features mentioned here offer a great degree of flexibility and functionality to the business or residential user.

Locating VOIP Providers

Finding a quality VOIP provider is as easy as jumping online, from any location, and taking the time to research available providers. The top providers will quickly emerge when you have an eye toward the features and services you want in your VOIP solution. With that focus in mind, you'll soon have a great service in place that gives you outstanding flexibility and capability, whether your needs are business or residential.

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