800 Conference Calling

Written by Gregory Parker
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If your business requires frequent conference calls either with clients or freelancers, 800 conference calling, also known as toll-free conference calling, is a must have. Clients should never be expected to foot the bill for conference calls. Freelancers often will refuse to work with companies that expect them to pay out-of-pocket phone bills for work-related phone calls.

800 Conference Calling Options

800 conference calling allows you to give your colleagues and clients a toll free number to dial. The rates are of course higher than with a regular toll call, but there are no additional phone charges which apply. On average, toll-free calls are roughly twice the rate of toll calls.

Many fine third-party conference call companies provide competitive rates for 800 conference calls. Organizing a call is simple. Typically, a project leader simply calls the conference call company, and requests a toll free conference call, and informs them how long the call will take place, on what day and time, and how many "ports" will be required.

Some companies are fully staffed and feature live operators. For businesses dealing with clients and which like to maintain a "polished" image, the higher charge of using live operators is balanced out by the level of customer service provided. Other companies offer automated services, which usually translates into considerable savings. Yet still other companies exist which assign to a business a dedicated 800 number for a contracted period of time--often as long as year--which allows users to make conference calls anytime of day or night, without the need to "reserve" the space. All these options have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Understanding clearly what your needs are helps to insure that the 800 company you select complements your business perfectly.

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