Application Sharing

Written by Norene Anderson
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Application sharing is one of the features that makes videoconferencing a huge success. It allows all of the participants in the conference to access the same application at the same time from one machine that is connected to the conference. The concept is really very simple. If you can see it on your computer, it can be shared.

Application sharing offers the option of distributing information from more than one application in the course of a meeting. This could include a profit and loss statement from a spreadsheet or a text document from a word processing source. It is possible to make changes in real time instead of the old way of sending a document back and forth either by fax or overnight delivery.

Do Great Things with Application Sharing

There are so many tools available through application sharing to make the office work much more efficiently. A group of any size can convene from any location and be as if they were all together in one location. The moderator can lead the meeting and another can make any changes while others look on. All can communicate by phone and participate in all the decisions.

It is also a great technology to use with family and friends. If you are away from home and need information, photos, or any other type of collaboration, you can easily do so. You can be as close to home as your computer screen. The ability to have an audio discussion while you are observing the same information in real time is an unbeatable combination for success and happiness at home or on the job.

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