Audio Conference Calls

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Audio conference calling, as opposed to video conferencing or web conferencing, is the most affordable alternative to business travel. Sure, there are circumstances which still dictate getting on a plane and flying to Boise to meet "the big guy." But thanks to the constantly improving quality of audio conference calling, those required business trips are becoming fewer and fewer.

The Basics

With audio conference calling, meeting-attendees have a variety of ways they can "be present." Let's say that nine out of ten people in a team all work in a single office building. The tenth person is out of town. Those nine people can meet in a single conference room and speak with the tenth person via speakerphone. Or, each individual could call in from their own offices, using their dedicated landlines. Or, individuals could call in from cellphones from wherever they might be, whether that's in their offices, in their cars, or on the ferry.

Superior audio conference call services operate simply. A secretary (or the conference organizer) calls the conference call provider and says, "I need to organize a conference call for 15 people in 15 minutes," or "for 10 people for tomorrow afternoon." The secretary is then given a specific phone number and passcode. The secretary makes sure that all the individuals taking part in the meeting has the phone number and passcode. When the time for the meeting rolls around, individuals dial the specified number, enter the passcode, and voila! The meeting is in progress.

Solutions like this save companies thousands upon thousands of dollars every year in business related travel. Participants no longer need to fly out of town, or even adjust their office schedules to accommodate business partners in other time zones. Provided participants have necessary meeting-materials on hand, audio conference calls can take place anywhere there's a phone line.

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