Avaya Definity

Written by Charles Peacock
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Avaya Definity servers are the heart of Avaya's state-of-the-art IP communications systems. They are operated with Avaya MultiVantage Software, and present the possibility of seamlessly upgrading your company to a cutting edge network-based communications system. Let's take a look at how Avaya Definity servers work, and what they offer.

The Advantages of Avaya Definity Servers

Employing an Avaya Definity server in your workplace offers the possibility of revolutionizing the way you do business. These servers will allow you to change and enhance the way you communicate with your employees and your customers through voice, data, messaging, and video solution. Even if you're not ready to completely convert to an Avaya IP communications network, these servers are totally flexible and can set you on the right path immediately.

Definity servers are available in several different models, each tailored to meet your business's needs. The Definity One is the base model, intended for companies with 20-60 telephones. The Definity One can be expanded to accommodate up to 240 telephones, and offers all the features you'd expect from an Avaya IP network.

The Definity Server CSI is intended for slightly larger companies, or for satellite offices that want to be running the same Avaya technology as the home office. This server offers all of the features of the top-line Avaya servers, scaled down for companies with 50-500 telephones. It features voice mail, messaging, call processing, and extensive networking capabilities.

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