Avaya Partners

Written by Charles Peacock
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Avaya partners are there to assist you in planning and implementing communications solutions for your company. They are trained in all of the latest Avaya technology and have the knowledge and experience to custom design solutions that are right for your business. Let's examine some of the solutions Avaya partners can offer.

Avaya Partners: Communications Solutions

Avaya partners have the special advantage of working with one of the industry's leading designers of customized communications networks and solutions. In recent years, Avaya has stayed ahead of the game by focusing on IP-based networks and telephony. Avaya partners can educate you in the advantages of switching to an IP network, and can help you design and implement the system itself.

If you're simply looking to upgrade your corporate network, Avaya offers a wide range of network server and connectivity technology. They make products that can help you centralize your operations and standardize the technology that your employees and customers are using. An investment in this type of technology is the kind that pays for itself over a very short period of time.

Avaya has also expanded the utility of IP-based networks by pioneering the field of Internet and network-based telephony. Avaya partners can help you eliminate the need for traditional analog phones and wiring. By switching all of your voice and video communications over to your company's existing or planned broadband network, you can reduce costs and simultaneously add features and flexibility.

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