Avaya Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Avaya phones are some of the most advanced business phones on the market. They are the end-user devices for a technology system that takes advantage of advanced IP-based telephony and networking. Let's examine some of the different Avaya phones available to see what is right for your business.

Varieties of Avaya Phones

Since Avaya bases most of its services on IP telephony, it offers a wide range of telephones that make the most of this technology. Avaya phones are available that can conference-call between other IP telephone users, as well as traditional analog phone users. Other phones offer advanced IP-based features like database-driven call routing.

Avaya offers a line of wireless phones for both traditional and IP-based systems. These phones are basically like in-house cell phones; they can be brought around anywhere in your company's facilities as long as you have the proper signal broadcasters set up. This is particularly useful for situations like large warehouses and outdoor areas where employees need to be available no matter where they go.

One of the great things about Avaya wireless phones (particularly the IP models) is that they don't lack any of the features of traditional desktop phones. They still have options like call forwarding, call routing, and caller ID. Avaya wireless phones are still the exception rather than the norm in the corporate world, but the advantages they offer will probably quickly make them the most popular type of business phone out there.

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