Business Conferencing

Written by Gregory Parker
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The art of communication is one of the most critical skills needed in business. The clarity of the spoken word, the written word, and the visual cues that we are listening and paying attention are among the most necessary tools in contemporary society. And nowhere are these skills more necessary than in business board- and conference rooms around the world.

When it comes to business conferencing, everyone in the room has a reason to be there. They may be on different sides of an issue, but they've come together to identify problems, trouble-shoot, and derive either traditional or creative solutions. Miscommunication is an enemy of forward momentum.

Though all important business meetings would ideally take place face to face, contemporary time--financial and even security constraints simply don't allow for that luxury. Instead, we must rely on technology to connect us. Therefore, the quality of that technology is paramount, since flawed video, audio and technical systems can slow down the creative problem solving process.

Communicating Clearly

When searching for business conference service providers, investigate their commitment to technical quality. Ask for a sample of their audio quality on a routine conference call. Demonstrations of web and video conferencing quality are a must-have. In-place back-up systems are required so that callers and web conference attendees don't get dropped at critical moments of brainstorming. After honing one's communication skills, it's wasteful and pointless to let sub-standard technology undermine your effectiveness. Demand standards of excellence from your business conferencing technologies, and you can expect the same from your colleagues.

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