Conference Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Conference phones mean more these days than simply allowing you to connect to two phone calls at the same time. Using technologies like Voice Over IP and video conferencing, the latest conference phones give you the ability to stay in touch like never before. Let's take a look at some of the varieties of conference phones currently on the market.

A Wide World of Conference Phones to Choose From

As stated above, the most common type of conference phone allows you to plug in several different phone lines, and conference call between these lines. If, for instance, you have three calls coming in on all three of your business lines, you can combine them and speak to everyone at once. This is also available for outgoing calls.

Internet-based telephony allows for even more conferencing capabilities. Since IP-based telephones are not limited by a finite number of traditional analog phone lines, you can make a conference call to virtually as many people as you'd like. This capability means that you could have a conference call meeting with ten of your top sales reps with the use of a single broadband connection.

Conference phones that offer video capabilities are probably the real future of telephony. These phones also take advantage of IP network technology, streaming video feeds from each of the participants to everyone else involved in the conversation. This allows for an unprecedented level of interpersonal communication, with a decidedly more personal touch than simple voice-based conference calls.

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