Conferencing Services

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The ultimate goal of every professional conference service is to provide a feeling of "being there" to participants. Since the whole point of a conference is to bring people together, and focus on problem solving, it goes without saying that a conference service must deliver smooth communication systems. How can you guarantee that your selecting the right service provider?

Quality Checklist

Dedication to audio and visual clarity is one good indicator. When researching your options, check among them for claims of technical superiority over their competitors. Look for pride in phone connections and visual quality. Your team's impression on Mr. Big won't be overly impressive if he can't hear what you're saying, and can't see clearly the presentation you stayed up until 4:00 AM preparing.

In-place back-up systems are another. Conference communications can require enormous amounts of memory and system strength. Ten or more people on a single phone line, 20 or more people on individual web cam links, 30 or more people working together in a virtual team room can tax the demands of even highly sophisticated conference systems. Make sure your conference service provider promises back-up systems so that your meeting has "fail-safe" protection. Also, see if they put their money where the mouth is by offering money-back guarantees in the event of malfunction.

Finally, look for pride in customer service. Speak to customer representatives, and get a feel for the level of concern and care they provide over the phone. If they don't treat you well, and you're the main client, imagine how they might treat your clients if they should have connection problems. In all aspects, remember that the conference service you select represents your business image to your clients. Choose accordingly.

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