Written by Charles Peacock
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The Plantronics CS10 is a useful, affordable cordless headset that can be used in conjunction with most traditional desktop phones. While not as complex (or expensive) as many other Plantronics models, it still offers a wide range of useful features. Let's take a look at how the CS10 works.

Features of the Plantronics CS10

The CS10 consists of three main parts: the headset, the wireless transmitter, and the base station. The headset is a traditional-looking hands-free headset, with one ear piece and an extended adjustable microphone for talking. The headset is connected by wire to a wireless transmitter that has buttons to adjust volume, mute, and broadcast channel.

The CS10 base station can be connected directly to a single or multi line desktop telephone. It contains a charging cradle that recharges the wireless transmitter when not in use. At full charge, the transmitter offers up to six hours of talk time. It takes only a few hours to charge the transmitter completely.

An option accessory for the CS10 is a handset lifter, which allows you to answer the phone remotely. If a call comes in, the base station rings your wireless transmitter. All you have to do is press the "talk" button and the remote handset lifter will actually physically lift your phone's handset for you and allow the call to begin. When the call is finished, it places the handset back in its cradle.

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