Written by Charles Peacock
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The Plantronics CS50 is one of the world's most sophisticated and popular wireless headsets. Designed for office use, the CS50 gives you the freedom to remain connected while roaming around your office and performing other tasks. Let's take a look at some of the features of the CS50.

Plantronics CS50 Features

This particular Plantronics model comes with two pieces: a base station and a wireless headset. The base station acts as the interface with your telephone, and it also serves as the charging unit. You can charge your headset up to 80 percent simply by leaving it in the base unit for one and a half hours.

One of the nicest things about the CS50 is that it features a convertible head interface. It comes with both over-the-head and over-the-ear accessories. If you're looking for something small and light, simply snap off the over-the-head piece and snap on the ear piece. An optional behind-the-head accessory is also available.

The CS50 provides clear, high-quality audio on a secure connection. This means you can roam up to 300 feet away from the base station and still enjoy a static-free conversation. The built-in noise canceling microphone also helps in busy office environments, so the person you're talking to can hear you clearly. For busy professionals who want to stay in touch but don't want to be tied to the desk all day, this headset is a great solution.

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