Data Conferencing

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Data conferencing is what happens when a bunch of people gather around individual computers and, via an Internet connection, are able to either view presentations or share applications. "View," in this case, means that everyone sees on their computer what's on the presenter's desktop. "Share" would mean that not only could folks see it, they could actively edit it as well.

Data conferencing, at its most basic, includes the use of what are known as "whiteboards." Whiteboards are the electronic equivalent of a flip chart or chalkboard. Again, viewers could see what was being written on this virtual chalkboard, and those with sharing capabilities could actually write upon it themselves.

Utilizing this kind of technology is becoming increasingly easy. Many premiere office packages created by both open source software developers and the giants within the industry like Microsoft and IBM have data conferencing as a basic option. Beyond software, many third-party web conferencing companies can set this kind of system up on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Solving Problems With Unprecedented Ease

Permanent installation allows for remotely located team members to work together with unprecedented ease. Instead of organizing complicated, highly scheduled affairs, users can instead "check in" as they may, making changes and edits as is appropriate. This is an excellent way for teams to work together as effectively as if they were all located within the same office building.

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