Full Service Conference Calls

Written by Gregory Parker
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Full service conference call companies are the creme de la creme of business communication providers. Companies offering smaller-scale services may do the job, but investing in top of the line service can give executives concerned with maintaining business image peace of mind. Premier conference call companies don't just make you sound good, they make you look good, too.

Full Service Features

Full service features include live operator assistance. Like the wizard behind the curtain, they orchestrate a "perfect production" from the front-of-house viewpoint. Callers are politely greeted and seamlessly patched in to the conference call. At the touch of a button, they appear on the line ready to be of assistance.

During Q & A sessions, operators can be requested to monitor responses, tally keypad entries for polls, and moderate the order of inquiries from attendees. They can be notified in advance to keep the meeting leader's speakers on, and mute those of passive attendees to reduce background noise. Attendees can signal the operator that they have a question, and in turn have their speakers activated.

Beyond this human touch, full service conference calls can be recorded on analog tape or digital equiPMent for archiving and future reference. Toll-free numbers can be made available to clients. Full service conference call companies cater to their clients every communication need, be it last minute organization of calls, project specific billing, or simple customer service. Obviously, service at this level comes at a price, but for those who demand it, it's considered a bargain.

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