Genesys Conferencing

Written by Norene Anderson
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Genesys conferencing started in 1986. Since that time, it has been in the forefront around the globe for multimedia conferencing. One of the reasons for the recognition is the unique real-time collaboration it provides for more than 18,000 clients. It also provides conferencing services to these clients. It has expanded to countries in Asia Pacific and Europe as well as North America.

Genesys conferencing provides a meeting center that is available every hour of the day, year round. The meeting center provides such services as video conferencing, audio conferencing, and web conferencing. All of this is integrated into one platform that is always available. This allows you to have virtual meetings that are interactive as well as be able to collaborate with anyone online from around the world.

Using Genesys Conferencing Services

With all the services that are available through Genesys conferencing, you can cut costs and time significantly. You can have more meetings when you choose as often as you choose. There are other benefits recognized such as the maximized productivity with conferences conducted via the Internet instead of consuming travel time and expense.

Genesys offers assistance in every phase of the conferencing experience. There are trained experts to handle every detail from announcements to advertising products and any other reason to use the reaches of telecommunications. It is easy to do presentations online with the help of the experts. Setting up a video conference is one of the most practical ways to handle many areas in business and the experts can make it happen.

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