Written by Charles Peacock
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Headsets only a few years ago referred to large earphones that people would use for listening to music. With recent revolutions in communications technology, however, they've taken on a different meaning altogether. Nowadays, headsets are commonly known as those great hands-saving devices that allow you to talk on the telephone without holding it to your ear.

What to Look for in Good Headsets

If you're simply looking for a cheap headset to free up your hands while you're talking on the phone, you're in luck. A lot of headsets are available for less than $20, and they can be found at any electronics store. If you're serious about your headset, however (meaning you're going to spend a lot of time using it), it's a good idea to make a slightly larger investment.

Good headsets should always be comfortable. Weight is a key attribute in a headset, because if the device itself is very heavy it can cause pain and even headaches after prolonged use. Don't be afraid to try on a headset when you're in the store to see if it feels right.

Spending a little more on a good headset will also provide you with better quality sound reproduction. And it's not enough to be satisfied with what you're hearing--if your headset has a substandard microphone, the people you're talking to might quickly become annoyed and ask you to take it off. Check out user ratings on online retail sites to find out which headsets are the most comfortable and have the best quality sound.

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