International Conference Calls

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Once upon a time, the greatest reason for choosing conference calls over face-to-face meetings was time and money savings. Today, travel safety issues are yet another concern, prompting international business leaders to seek alternatives. However, though international conference calls are certainly less expensive and stressful than international travel, they're far from cheap.

International calls placed through regular call carriers can become prohibitively expensive in short order. International calling rates can be very costly, especially during high-volume business hours. Average rates can vary from 20 to 40 cents per minute, per person. Choosing to conduct international conference calls through a third party provider is one way to save, and save big.

Third Party Solutions

There are multiple international calling solutions offered by third party providers. Among the most cost-effective solutions is to pay a monthly fee for unlimited conference calling, regardless of locale. Though these monthly charge options may appear steep, they amount to huge savings when compared to regularly placed international calls.

Another option is to select Internet conferences with VoIP technology. VoIP refers to phone lines set up over the Internet, which can be much more affordable than traditional phone lines. Many internet conference call solutions offer VoIP as part of monthly subscriber packages. However, users typically need to provide their own equiPMent, such as speakers, headsets, microphones, and have a high speed internet connection.

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