Long Distance Conference Calls

Written by Gregory Parker
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Conference calls are arranged when project teammates are located in various remote locations. These locations may be as near to one another as across the street, or across town. More often, though, colleagues are located across the state, or across the country. However, there can be substantial differences in rates between toll and toll-free calls. How do you choose which is appropriate for your needs?

For the sake of argument, let's say the toll call costs four cents per minute, and the toll-free call costs 12 cents per minute. If all the participants are based locally, and the number given for attendees is also local, then of course it makes sense to opt for the toll call charges of four cents a minute. No additional charges for the call would be incurred, beyond those for basic local phone service.

Toll vs Toll Free Calling

But if any one of the people involved in the call is located out of town, complications arise. The question becomes, then, do you want to pay the conference call company for the long distance charges, or do you wish to pay your long distance provider a later date? Either way, your company will be charged for the long distance charges. It's just a question of when it has to be paid, and whether you pay one bill or two.

For colleagues employed by the same company, users may opt for the toll call. Out of town attendees can then pay their long-distance provider for that call at a later date, and then submit those expenses to accounting for reimbursement. However, if the conference call involves clients, then it's considered bad manners to ask them to pay for any portion of a conference call. In this latter case, the toll-free option is considered proper protocol.

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