Plantronics Cordless Headsets

Written by Charles Peacock
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Plantronics cordless headsets are some of the most popular office-use headsets on the market. Plantronics is known for the quality, ease of use, and comfort of their designs, and they offer all of their best models with wireless capabilities. This allows you to move around and pick up a call without having to return to your desk every time the phone rings.

Plantronics Cordless Headsets: A Variety of Models to Choose from

Plantronics cordless headsets were born out of the explosion in cell phone technology. As cell phones have become smaller, people have become tired of holding a tiny little unit to their ear for hours a day. Headsets quickly become popular, and Plantronics already knew how to build good headsets.

Combining their experience with comfort and quality design, Plantronics has developed a line of cordless headsets that improves on the best cell phone headsets. Plantronics cordless headsets are small, compact and easy to use--but they also feature great comfort and sound quality. And these headsets aren't limited to use with cell phones. Plantronics produces cordless headsets for virtually any kind of telephone, whether it's a traditional desktop phone or a cutting edge wireless phone.

Plantronics cordless headsets use several different types of technology. For people who want to be able to use their headset all around the office (and even the building), the best models to choose are those that use 900MHz radio technology. For people who are using the headset in conjunction with a wireless phone that's already in their pocket, Bluetooth headsets are available that provide a smaller range but a high level of quality and security.

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