Plantronics Supra

Written by Charles Peacock
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The Plantronics Supra is a type of telephone headset that is very popular and widely used in corporate office situations. It comes in a range of styles with different features, each suited for different needs or situations. Let's take a look at some of the different Plantronics Supra models you can choose from.

Plantronics Supra Models

All Plantronics Supra models feature an over-the-head design, which allows for comfortable all-day use. While smaller in-ear headsets may be more compact and lightweight, they often become uncomfortable after hours of use. The Supra is designed with the idea that you can keep it on for the entire working day.

The most basic Supra model, the H5N1, is the most popular headset in the world. It features a single earpiece, and a high quality noise-cancelling microphone. If you're interested in a binaural (two earpiece) headset, you can choose from several more expensive models, like the H61N or the H161N. The best Supra models feature leather earpieces for a truly superior level of comfort.

When purchasing a Supra, it's important to keep in mind what you're going to plug it in to. If you have a traditional desktop telephone, it's probably necessary to buy a Plantronics amplifier that will act as the interface between your phone and the headset. If you're plugging it into your computer, no amplifier is needed--you can simply choose a Supra with a USB plug and begin using it immediately.

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