Written by Charles Peacock
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Polycom was founded in 1990, and despite its relatively short history has grown into an industry leader in corporate communications. Unburdened by the restraints of traditional phone and computer networking companies, Polycom has succeeded because of its focus on the future. Let's examine what the company offers, and how it could benefit your company.

Polycom Communications Products and Services

The speed and complexity of the recent revolution in communications technology can make the whole field seem daunting. New types of phone, computer, and wireless networking services are introduced to the market on what seems like a daily basis. Because of the variety (in both form and quality) of technologies out there, it's important to use a company with a strict degree of focus.

Polycom is a company that has wagered its future (at least in the short term) on the benefits of IP-based communications technology. It's a smart bet--anyone who has experienced the advantages of things like VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) over traditional analog phone networks knows that this is where the future of communications lies. To Polycom's credit, they combine a desire to satisfy your company's communications needs with a strong perspective on the future.

Because of their focus on IP-based technologies, this is one company that can offer almost everything. Internet and network-based communications systems allow you to cut your company's ties with traditional phone companies and offer your employees things like free calling and video conferencing. In addition to selling the actual physical products needed to use these technologies, Polycom also offers support and educational services to get your company up to speed.

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