Polycom Conference Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Polycom conference phones are a part of Polycom's expansive IP Office system. They utilize the same IP technology as regular desktop Polycom phones, allowing for cost-effective calls and higher degrees of flexibility and expandability. Let's take a look at the various Polycom conference phones, and what each of them offers in terms of features.

Models and Features of Polycom Conference Phones

Not all Polycom conference phones are alike. Some are designed specifically (and exclusively) for conferencing purposes, while others incorporate conferencing capabilities into a normal desktop phone. The first types are known as VoiceStations or SoundStations, while the latter type falls under the SoundPoint model line.

SoundPoint models look like traditional desktop phones, but utilize IP telephony technology. They have a traditional phone handset for private conversations, but also offer a built-in speaker and microphone system for speaker calls and conference calls. SoundPoint models have the ability to connect at least three participants in a conference call.

The Polycom VoiceStation is a model designed exclusively for speaker phone and conferencing uses. It has no handset, but rather a flat built-in speaker and microphone design that allows you to leave it on your desk and talk without having to hold anything. The VoiceStation also features a full ergonomic keypad and clear full-duplex audio processing (which allows two people to talk at the same time and minimizes clipping and echo).

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