Polycom Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Polycom phones are what the company likes to call "endpoints" in their complete office systems. Polycom specializes in IP phone networks, which are different from traditional phone networks. Let's take a look at what IP networks are, and how Polycom phones can help you and your business.

Polycom Phones and IP Phone Networks

As the Internet has expanded, researchers and scientists have looked for ways to exploit its cost-effectiveness even further in enhancing personal and business communications. One of the best solutions they've found is Voice Over IP (VOIP), a type of telephone technology that sends phone calls over IP networks instead of traditional analog phone lines. Polycom is a company that produces the technology and products needed to set up this type of network.

By using IP telephony, your company doesn't have to worry about the costs and technical difficulties of maintaining hundreds of separate phone lines. A single broadband network connection can handle hundreds of high-quality phone conversations at once. Polycom phones are designed to be plugged into these networks, and they act like any normal telephone.

It might seem odd to dial a phone number when you're not connected to a phone line, but Polycom phones have been designed in a way that lets us use them without having to learn any new technology. In addition to their ease of use, these phones also offer a host of advanced features that you could never get on an analog phone line, like calling statistics, automated call routing, and advanced audio and video conferencing capabilities.

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