Polycom Speaker Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Polycom speaker phones utilize the company's advanced Voice Over IP technology. This technology is cheaper and more flexible than standard analog telephony, and it lets you take your communications systems out of the hands of third-party phone companies. Let's take a look at why Polycom speaker phones benefit from this type of technology to make conference calling easier than ever.

Advantages of Polycom Speaker Phones

Traditional conference phones work by combining separate analog phone connections into a single conference call. The problem with this is that any conference call is limited to the number of lines that your equipment can handle. Unless you're working with a heavy-duty phone switching system, the likelihood is that your phone can't connect more than a few phone lines together--it only has space for so many phone jacks on the back.

Polycom speaker phones avoid this problem by using Voice Over IP technology. Each Polycom phone has a single port that connects it to your corporate network. The phone is then assigned an IP address, which allows other phones and computers tied into the network to find it.

Because you are running on a computer network, the number of connections your conference call can handle is only limited by your network's bandwidth--and in every case, this FAR exceeds the capabilities of normal phone lines. IP networks are also far more flexible, allowing you to things like add and drop participants or track calls much easier than you could with a normal phone setup.

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