Soundstation Premier

Written by Charles Peacock
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The Soundstation Premier is a top-of-the-line speaker phone and conference call system designed and produced by Polycom, one of the world's leading office phone manufacturers. The Premier is available in two different models, both of which offer a variety of options unavailable in traditional speakerphones. Let's take a look at what sets the Soundstation Premier apart from other models.

Features of the Soundstation Premier

The basic Premier model is known simply as the Soundstation Premier. Like the base Soundstation model, it features a central speaker with three arms with built-in microphones. Where it improves on the standard Soundstation is in its sound quality. Polycom boasts the Premier is twice as loud as the base model, making it a better choice for large conference rooms.

The Soundstation Premier also features a sophisticated microphone switching mechanism. This mechanism allows the phone to automatically shift to the microphone that is receiving the most sound--thereby eliminating background noise and echo and focusing on the person who is currently speaking. The result is better all-around sound quality for those listening in on the conversation.

The Premier is also available in the higher EX model. The EX offers all of the features of the standard Premier, including an LCD display with caller ID capability. It differs in that it is also expandable, meaning you can plug remote microphones into it (even wireless mics) allowing for even larger coverage areas.

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