Written by Charles Peacock
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Soundstations are one of the most popular brands of conference call equipment on the market. Produced by Polycom, they offer ease of use and a high level of quality, and are one of the most popular pieces of conferencing equipment used in the corporate world. Let's take a look at some of the more unique features of Polycom's Soundstations.

Polycom Soundstations Are Powerful and Easy to Use

Soundstations are probably most recognizable by their shape. They are relatively flat, with a large central speaker and three arms that each contain a high-quality microphone. This allows for clear sound reproduction and good voice pickup anywhere around the room.

The Soundstation tabletop console also contains all of the audio processing equipment, as well as the power and telephone line jacks. One of the best things about these models, however, is that they are expandable. External speakers can be plugged into them, extending the range of the conference call in larger rooms.

The Soundstation EX series also offers external microphones that can be plugged into the main console. If your room requires it, you can use these external mics to expand the range that the speakers can be in. And for presenters who are standing, another useful feature is the optional wireless microphone. This allows someone to move around the room effortlessly without having to worry about their voice volume fading in and out.

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