Toll Free Conference Calls

Written by Gregory Parker
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There are two types of long-distance conference calls: toll, and toll-free. When attendees all are employed by one company, toll calls make better financial sense. When an individual's long-distance phone bill rolls in at the end of the month, meeting attendees can pay the expense out of pocket and wait for company reimbursement, or simply forward the bill to accounting for payment.

However, toll calls are considered bad form if clients are involved in the call, or if a company is employing free-lance creatives on a project. In this case, toll-free calls are the preferred business option. With toll-free calling, all long distance charges are included in the by-minute rate, and billed directly to the organizer's company.

Rates for toll-free calling are typically at least twice the rate for toll calls. Toll-free calls may cost between 12 and 25 cents per minute, per caller. Rates for toll-free calls requiring live operator assistance may be even higher. However, volume discounts may exist for companies which place a high number of toll-free conference calls every month.

Check with your provider of choice to see what their particular toll-free options are. Most of the big names in telecommunications offer toll-free conference services, as do the more premier private companies. Rates and services vary between providers, so shop around. Don't overlook smaller companies either, which in an effort to be competitive, may offer impressive price breaks to new customers.

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