Web Conferencing

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Web conferencing is the next step in long-distance communication technology. Web conferencing allows participants, depending upon their needs, to chat "live" in real time, conduct organized question and answer sessions, and poll user's reactions to topics. Further, some web conference hosts allow users to "see" one another via webcams and other video devices, making long-distance conferencing more "up close and personal" than it has ever been.

Web Conference Features

With web conferencing, attendees may present "live" slide shows, provide virtual tours, share documents on one another's desktop, and in general, trouble shoot and cooperate fully on team missions, even when attendees are in multiple global locations. All that's needed for basic web conference services like these is an internet browser and a healthy, clear telephone line. Further, with the proper equiPMent, video can be streamed live, and broadcasts can be digitally archived for future reference.

Enhanced web conferencing features can include chat groups, attendee polls (via telephone keypad entry), as well as organized question and answer sessions. For services such as these, conference host operators can act as moderators and response organizers, making the web conference a more streamlined, organized experience. Operators can gather and tally data from keypad entries, and control the order in which questions are presented. No more audio chaos as everyone tries to shout over the melee; operators keep track of "first come, first served" in question order, keeping only the principles "live" on the line, while muting those that are listening for greater comprehension and organization.

Advanced web conferencing allows users with webcams to be visible to their colleagues, helping to make miscommunication a thing of the past. As with any internet communications, of course, clarity of image and spoken word is highly dependent upon the speed of one's internet connection, and the overall quality of one's computer system. However, with the right equiPMent, and the right web conferencing company, getting your point across in national and international web conferences has never been easier.

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