Web Conferencing Companies

Written by Gregory Parker
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Strictly speaking, "web conferencing companies" are those which provide groups of business people the opportunity to collaborate on a shared project from a variety of remote locations. Web conferencing can be as basic as a text-message board. It can be as elaborate as multiple audio and video broadcasts.

This more elaborate option is often referred to as "video conferencing." Ideally, web video conferencing simulates the boardroom experience. Colleagues come together to discuss ideas, face-to-face--their voices and images crystal clear. They have the ability, via their connected computers, to share desktops, documents, and applications.

Types of Web Conferencing Companies

Web conference companies number in the hundreds in the United States alone. There are privately owned small businesses, and mega-communications and software giants. There are packages available for both small and large businesses, for companies that conference mainly in-house, and for those that deal with client conference calls on a regular basis. And of course, rates vary accordingly.

Many of the biggest names in internet communication, including Microsoft, feature collaboration software packages for companies that choose not to use third party web-conference companies. These software packages include basic office software like document and spreadsheet programs, in conjunction with instant messaging and web conferencing programs. In addition to the for-fee giants like Microsoft and IBM, open-source options are available for free download on the Internet, but require some technical savvy to be installed and fully utilized.

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