Web Conferencing Services

Written by Gregory Parker
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If you're interested in web conferencing that features video and audio capabilities, then you need to know that the quality of the equiPMent you choose is as relevant to your conference's success as are the materials you're presenting. High speed connections are mandatory. Quality microphones, if you're going to forego regular phone communication, are a must-have. Bad video will undermine your presentation.

However, if you have these pieces of equiPMent, web conferencing really is "the next best thing to being there." Colleagues, in addition to being able to share documents and desktops, can see and hear each other just as they would in Conference Room A. Emotional nuance and subtlety isn't lost either, as it often is with text-only communications.

Don't Break Up

It's imperative that your equiPMent be able to broadcast video at a minimum of 30 frames per second. This is the minimum speed for smooth transmission. Lower rates result in fragmented images and choppy audio.

Many web conferencing companies, in addition to setting up the technical aspects of service, can provide the required equiPMent--for a fee, of course. If you subscribe to any of the major Internet providers which include web conferencing services as part of their office packages, you may be able to download for free all kinds of tips on equiPMent selection. These electronic manuals will also include instruction on installation and methods to test transmission speed.

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