Web Conferencing Software

Written by Gregory Parker
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Web conferencing software is now offered by nearly every internet provider and software manufacturer. Some of the most popular include products by well-known companies like Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, and Intel. There are open source options available, as well as products created by companies which focus specifically on conference technologies. Chances are there are hundreds of software packages in existence to perfectly meet your virtual conference needs.

Secure and Spontaneous

Even the most basic web conferencing software allows individuals to work in a secure "meeting room" environment. Communication is instantaneous, encouraging spontaneity and blue-sky thinking. Individuals can share documents, presentations, and other web-applications.

Audio and video add-ons are also available to enhance real time collaboration, like streaming video and internet phones. There is software available for PCs, as well as mobile devices like PDAs and mobile phones. For conferences with particularly high numbers of attendees, special servers may have to be utilized to provide "fail-safe" support.

When searching for the software program that best meets your needs, it is recommended to consult with a variety of companies. Costs can vary dramatically, depending on product offerings and customer service needs. Remember, too, that internet communication technologies are advancing at lightning fast rates. Some software developers--most notably open source designers--offer free upgrades as the software evolves. Be sure to check what your software provider's policies are in terms of software evolution upgrades.

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