Wireless Headsets

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wireless headsets are still new enough that they cause heads to turn when people are using them. Several times I've found myself walking down the street, watching someone having a conversation with herself. Instead of being crazy, however, they're just taking advantage of one of the most interesting--and useful--pieces of modern technology.

Why and When to Use Wireless Headsets

The most obvious example of when to use a wireless headset is while you're driving. While some people would argue that having a phone conversation while you're driving is distracting enough, I'm in the camp that sees this as a totally safe practice (as long as you're not laughing or crying so hard that you're impairing your driving). Having a wireless headset plugged into your phone when you get into the car can allow you to make and receive calls without ever looking away from the road.

Wireless headsets are also great for busy people, whether they're in the office or out on the street. If you're a true multi-tasker, being able to talk to someone while using both of your hands for another purpose (making copies, coffee, even a sandwich) can be a great time saver. If you're on foot, they can save you the inconvenience of having to hold a tiny little phone up to your ear for extended periods of time.

If you're on the phone a lot at work, you can even get a wireless headset that plugs into your computer or your traditional phone. This gives you the benefit of a speakerphone without bothering other people around you with both sides of a conversation. Bluetooth wireless headsets will even allow you to roam a fair distance around your office, and keep talking the whole time.

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