Free Satellite Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Free satellite radio is not a contradiction in terms. First off, both satellite providers offer a three day trial to sample their radio offerings for free. Plus, many sign-up incentives exist that offer either free or bonus service.

In terms of basic cost comparisons, XM Radio service costs $9.99 per month. Sirius is $12.95 per month. However, Sirius does offer both annual and lifetime subscription options which can reduce this cost significantly. The annual package provides one month a year for free; the lifetime subscription, for a single payment of $499.99, means that the subscriber will never pay another bill for satellite service--ever.

Most current subscribers of satellite radio swear by it, and consider the monthly payment to be an excellent value. The number one reason for customer satisfaction is the commercial-free music available from both providers. Customers quickly become enamored of the wide variety of genre-specific music programs, anchored by celebrity DJs who know their stuff, streaming 24 hours a day without commercial interruption.

Commercial-Free Satellite Radio

Many reviews quote customers as saying that satellite radio is actually "less expensive" than broadcast radio--not in terms of financial outlay, but in terms of the energy required to listen to it. Commercials, especially when volume is pushed into the red to get listener attention, are invasive and annoying. Loyal satellite customers feel that their monthly investment is a small price to pay to enjoy their favorite music--be it the oldest standards or the newest rap--without being yelled at by ads for sexual aids, home loans, or monster truck shows.

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