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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Back in the days before television, entire families joined together around the radio for the evening's entertainment. The imagination was kicked into overdrive as shadowy figures made their way down alleys in the mind's eye, or as families laughed over the antics of familiar favorites. With the advent of television, radio become less popular and seemed "old fashioned" compared to all the sounds and (more important at the time) images sent by the new medium.

In the early days, a large number of people thought that TV was just a fad. TV wasn't practical, they said. With radio, they could enjoy a program and still get on with life, do things around the house, get things done. With television, they had to just sit there. "It'll never last," thought many.

Well, of course, television isn't going anywhere. But radio is actually coming back, thanks to the wide variety of programming found on satellite radio. Beyond just the commercial-free music stations, the entertainment options offered by satellite radio are just jaw dropping.

Home Satellite Radio: Gather 'Round

On Sirius, there is gossipy, fun listening offered by E! and Maxim. There's reality radio offered by Court TV, and educational radio via the Discovery Channel. But for my money, the best find is the immense library of the greats from the real glory days of radio. Here are just a few examples: The Martin and Lewis Show, Amos and Andy, and Abbot and Costello. The great adventures of Superman, Blackstone the Magician, and The Escape. Suspenseful mysteries, like Creeps by Night, Murder at Midnight, and Inner Sanctum. And, of course, the dramas performed by the leading actors of their time, the Lux Radio Theatre, the Orson Welles Theatre, Academy Award Theatre, and the Damon Runyon Theatre. With offerings like these, seeing the family huddled around the radio may not be a picture out of a 1940s magazine, but a regular sight in your own living room.

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