Kenwood Satellite Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Kenwood has teamed up with Sirius satellite radio to create at least two of the most popular satellite radio receivers/tuners around. Both are immensely popular with online electronics reviewers. The home system is the Kenwood DT-7000S. The portable system is the Kenwood Here2Anywhere satellite tuner.

Kenwood: for Home and for Anywhere

The Kenwood DT-7000S has a space-age silver and blue aesthetic, which can look very cool on its own, but appear a little out of place in home stereo racks among black rectangular components. But that aside, reviewers are enthusiastic about the clear, easy-to-read (even in sunny rooms) LED display that lists title and artist information. Plus, there are plenty of user-friendly buttons that allow for storing of songs, scrolling through menus, adjusting the display, and a host of other options. Another advantages is that the Kenwood DT-7000S offers four banks of 20 presents, for a total of 80--nearly twice as many as those offered by other models.

In terms of installation, most agree that it's no more difficult than hooking up a CD player. Regarding sound quality, it's not as good as playing a compact disc, but it's much better than regular FM. Plus, the reception is crystal clear, and of course the programming beats the band. This model runs about $300, and requires the additional purchase of a Sirius satellite antenna. Though this may sound steep for some, online reviews universally claim that the product is well worth the investment.

The Kenwood portable option, the Here2Anywhere (model KTC H2A1) generates an equally enthusiastic response from users. The Here2Anywhere is designed for use at home or in the car, is said to be very easy to install, and activation over the phone is a quick trick. Sound quality of the signal transmission, as with all satellite radio receivers, is considered to be a clear improvement over regular FM. This receiver, part of the Sirius line of Plug and Play options, runs around $100, which most users find an excellent value.

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