Nfl Satellite Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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It goes without saying that the best way to enjoy professional football is either by screaming with the crowds in the stadium, or watching on a decently sized color television. Nothing communicates the excitement of the moment better than actually seeing Brett Favre throw a perfect pass, or personally witnessing Roy Williams make a 31-yard touchdown. But what do you do if your favorite team's game isn't televised?

Many people have favorite teams outside their home states. Broadcast networks show either only local teams, or games that are expected to make for the "best television." As a result, many teams and their fans are left out in the cold.

One way to solve this problem is to switch alliances, and just hope to catch video clips of former favorites on sports week-in-review programs on television. More loyal fans drag themselves off to the chaos of sports bars on Sunday mornings (at 9:00 am on the west coast, even), to try to watch their home teams play, amidst crowds screaming at 20-plus televisions at full volume, each playing a different game. Even if your favorite team wins, those places can give you a headache.

NFL Satellite Radio: a Real Alternative

NFL satellite radio on Sirius doesn't give you the game on a video console, but you do hear it live, in its entirety, with intelligent, informed play-by-play delivered by some of the greatest celebrity announcers in the industry. Sirius has signed an exclusive arrangement with the NFL to broadcast every game live--that's every team's complete schedule, from the beginning of the season to its thrilling finish. For transplanted football fans, professional truck drivers, sports fans trapped in the car on weekends or those who simply prefer to follow the game while being free to move about the house, NFL satellite radio on Sirius is a perfect score.

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