Portable Satellite Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The term "portable satellite radio" currently denotes satellite radio equipment that works in multiple locations. Sirius's option for portable satellite radio is their line of Plug and Play hardware. This hardware package includes a Sirius receiver, plus one or more docking stations.

Most people, once they get used to the benefits of satellite radio, want it with them everywhere they go. Not surprisingly, then, Plug and Play units, featuring one or more docking stations, are Sirius's most popular piece of hardware. A home docking kit allows users to play Sirius through a home stereo; the car docking kit allows the user to use the same receiver to play Sirius through the car's stereo system. Yet another docking kit is designed specifically as a boombox, which effectively creates a personal, portable Sirius stereo, playable anywhere.

Many people opt first for the Plug and Play boombox option. This way, the system is fully portable, and able to be used room to room, inside or outside, and even in the car if desired. The second docking kit purchased is typically for the car.

Specific Plug and Play Models

Sirius' Plug and Play receivers are manufactured by multiple high-end audio electronics companies, like Audiovox, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, and others. All models feature at least 20 presets, and a ten key remote. For sports enthusiasts, there are Plug and Play models which have enhanced sports features like team logo displays, and alerts when "favorite" teams are playing.

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