Satellite Radio Antennas

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio antennas are the single most important factor for ensuring superior sound quality and reception. Sirius has many options for satellite radio antennas, all provided by leading electronics manufacturers like Kenwood, Macom, and Terk. For vehicles, Sirius has also developed a new glass-mounted antenna, called the Sigma, which offers considerable aesthetic advantages over exterior mounted antennas.

Antennas designed for home use come in a protective housing that allows them to be installed either inside or outside, depending on users' preferences. For boats, Sirius has antennas specifically designed to pick up signals up to 200 miles offshore. It's recommended that marine antennas be installed above-deck. The ratcheting mount is automatically available in nylon, but can be customized with metal mounts to match your boat's decor.

For vehicles, traditional exterior antennas are mounted either magnetically or via adhesive. These exterior antennas are typically placed near the rear window of the vehicle--either on the roof, or beneath the rear window near the trunk or truck cab. The antenna wire is then run under the rubber seal and into the vehicle, with the wire then hidden behind running boards or under the car carpets.

Satellite Radio Antennas: Sirius Evolution

Glass-mounted antennas are the next step in satellite radio technology. Sirius, in partnership with RecepTec, designed a new, much less obtrusive glass-mounted antenna. This type of antenna is installed by Sirius dealers or vehicle manufacturers, into the sun band of a vehicle's front window. This type of antenna has no exposed wiring, and is much less vulnerable to damage from weather conditions, automated car washes, and other exterior-mounted related vulnerabilities. Because it attaches to the window, not the car itself, it can be removed, if necessary, with no damage to the finish. This new antenna, called the Sigma, is expected to become very popular with consumers--especially those who lease their vehicles, as well as dealers and car manufacturers, because of its inherent aesthetic and performance capabilities.

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