Satellite Radio For Car

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio is most often purchased for in-car use. Although the programming options and signal quality is appreciated everywhere, these attributes are considered most valuable when traveling behind the wheel. Satellite radio gives drivers and passengers the chance to hear whatever they want, as long as they want, for the entire duration of their trip--whether it's to the grocery store across town or to grandmother's house across two state lines.

Satellite Radio for the Car: What You Need

In addition to a satellite radio subscription, there are three pieces of equipment needed to enjoy satellite radio--whether in your car or at home: 1) a satellite antenna, 2) a receiver (also sometimes called a "controller"), and 3) a tuner. With regard specifically to car audio, there are three types of tuners from which you can choose: universal tuners, satellite radio-ready tuners, and in-dash receivers with built-in tuners.

If sound quality is very important to you, it's best to go with an in-dash receiver, or a satellite radio-ready tuner. Otherwise, most consumers are satisfied with a wired FM modulator. However, it's good to know that even the low-end option, the wireless FM modulator, offers a dramatic sound improvement over regular, analog radio.

If you lease your car, and are concerned about either the investment of permanent equipment or about potential damage to the finish of the car resulting from antenna application, rest assured that there are several options from which you may choose. For trucks, RVs, and boats, the same is true. The bottom line is if you've got a tuner and an antenna, you can receive satellite radio anywhere you want in the continental United States: down dusty roads, across the country, or even offshore.

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