Satellite Radio Mounts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio mounts come in a variety of styles, each specifically designed for a particular location. Satellite radio mounts for cars are designed differently than those for the home, or for the boat, or for portable use. Some satellite radio equipment kits come complete with mounts; in other cases, you may have to purchase them separately.

Satellite Radio Mounts: for Plug and Play, Home, and Vehicles

The Sirius SPC1, the popular Sportster Plug and Play module, comes complete with docking kit, mounting bracket, antenna, the equipment needed to install it, and a power supply cord that plugs easily into a vehicle cigarette lighter. This menas that you can catch your favorite teams while you're both on the road.

For home-dedicated units, as well as home use of Plug and Play hardware, the antenna and its mounting hardware should be placed on the roof in direct view of the sky. This means that the mounts must be pre-treated to resist changing weather conditions. One popular Sirius mount for home roofs is the TERK SIR6 antenna, which runs around $80.

For cars, trucks and boats, there are a wide variety of mounts available from a number of well-known, established, cutting-edge electronics manufacturers. TERK, for instance, makes several quality options for cars, trucks, RVs and boats. Shakespeare Galaxy, too, makes many excellent mounts specific for marine use. In general, mounts and antennas tend to run between $19.99 and $99, depending on manufacturer and style type.

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