Satellite Radio Prices

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio prices vary between 10 and 13 dollars a month, after equipment purchase. Just like you can't enjoy free radio without an actual radio, satellite radio too requires specific equipment. The average cost to get all the necessary equipment and start listening is typically under two hundred dollars.

For the uninitiated, that may sound expensive. And it's true that for many people, satellite radio still has to become more affordable before they'll give it a try. But for those who have sampled it, and who really appreciate its advantages, the value received from satellite radio is well the cost.

Satellite Radio Prices: Paying to Fill the Air with Music, Not Ads

Users say the most appealing quality of satellite radio is its wide variety of music channels that are 100 percent commercial-free. Many people might think, "Well, I don't mind commercials," but how many times when you're cruising down the highway and the song ends, do your fingers instantly go to the "search/seek" button to find another station before commercials fill the air? Fifteen minutes later you're likely listening to some lame station while asking yourself, "Why am I listening to this? Oh, yeah--they weren't playing ads."

With satellite radio, you select the type of music you feel like hearing--70s rock, for instance. Three hours later, you're still enjoying the hand-picked selections, often accompanied by some genuinely interesting obscure piece of artist trivia from the DJ. Not once have your fingers strayed to "search/seek," because the atmosphere you wanted to create was never interrupted by an ad for Sunday's Monster Truck show. It's this kind of radio experience that the three million satellite radio subscribers find so very worth their 10 to 13 bucks a month.

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