Satellite Radio Reviews

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio reviews from current users are overwhelmingly positive. According to published reports in magazines, journals, and those from multiple online sources, over 90 percent of current satellite radio subscribers say they can't imagine ever going back to "free" radio. Moreover, they find the monthly rate of 10 to 12 dollars an excellent value.

Top Reasons for Positive Satellite Radio Reviews

The number one reason for satellite radio's enthusiastic following is its adherence to a policy of commercial-free music. However, just because there are no commercials doesn't mean that there aren't informed disc jockeys at the helm. Most of the music stations (of which there are dozens and dozens) feature well known, experienced musicologists, if you will, that have particular expertise in their specific genres. For instance, on the Sirius network, two of the hosts for the all-80s channel are Mark Goodman and Nina Blackwood, original MTV VJs; the alternative rock station features Fred Schneider of the B52s; and Wavy Gravy hosts a daily program on the improvisational rock jams station.

Another enormous advantage users feel that satellite has over traditional "free" radio is the variety of music played. Instead of a high-rotation playlist determined by commercial interests, satellite radio streams all kinds of music within specific genres. Within each niche--be it rock, pop, reggae, gospel, jazz, world music, Latin or classical--they play classic, immediately recognizable pieces, as well less familiar B-sides, obscure tracks from well known artists, and "out of the box" new music by as yet unknown or unsigned artists. On satellite radio, you never have to wait for the dj to "billboard" the songs they just played. Satellite radio receivers automatically display the title of the track, as well as the artist's name, so you always know who you're listening to.

Another reason for satellite radio's popularity among current users is its digital quality and "no static, ever" signal. Sports fans are especially impressed with the real-time play-by-play of nearly all major sporting events, including the NFL and NBA. And nearly all subscribers praise the wide variety of talk and entertainment programming, which runs the gamut of the political left to political right--Radio Disney to Howard Stern, English soccer to extreme sports, spiritual wisdom to Slim Shady 45.

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