Satellite Radio Service

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio service provides subscribers with an unprecedented variety of talk radio options. Out of Sirius's 120 channels, 55 are talk radio-based. Whether you're a junkie of public radio or partisan political talk, satellite radio service can feed the need.

Satellite Radio Service: Public and Partisan

For public radio fans, Sirius carries not just one but three public radio channels--two dedicated NPR stations, and one PRI (Public Radio Internation) station. The NPR channels feature music programs like Jazz Profiles, and Creators at Carnegie; financial news programs like Marketplace, Smart Money, and The Motley Fool Radio Show; news/call-in shows like Talk of the Nation, and Talk of the Nation--Science. And of course, no NPR station would be complete without the immensely popular Car Talk, hosted by "Click and Clack."

Satellite radio services also carry a full schedule of political talk programming which should satisfy just about any listener in the country. For politically conservative folks, Sirius offers The Patriot, a flag-waving conservative values network. This network carries programs that focus on issues like gun rights and such, plus shows hosted by popular conservative hosts like Laura Ingraham, Joseph Farah, and Michael Reagan. On the same side of the dial, Sirius also offers Sirius Right, with call-in talk programs hosted by Tammy Bruce, Michael Savage and Mike Church.

For left of center listeners, Sirius carries both the immensely popular Air America and Sirius Left. Air America features shows hosted by Al Franken, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Janeane Garafolo, Liz Winstead (creator of The Daily Show), Chuck D, Randi Rhodes and Chuck Malloy. Sirius Left features programs hosted by Ed Schultz, The Young Turks, Stephanie Miller, and NY radio legend, Lynn Samuels. Regardless of your personal place in the political spectrum, satellite radio service is sure to have public or political programming that matches your mindset.

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