Satellite Radio Tuners

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Satellite radio tuners are an essential part of your satellite radio package. All satellite radio users need to invest in a satellite radio antenna, a tuner, a receiver (sometimes combined with the tuner), and of course, your subscription with the satellite radio provider of your choice.

The variety of styles and designs of satellite radio tuners is growing all the time. More and more well-known electronics manufacturers are stepping in with high-quality options to compete for buyer attention. Some of the big names making satellite radio tuners for Sirius satellite radio include Kenwood, JVC, Audiovox, Clarion, Blaupunkt, and most recently, Alpine.

Before deciding which manufacturer you want to run with, however, you need to choose where you're most interested in listening to satellite radio. Tuners are designed for specific locations. For instance, there are tuners designed specifically for home use, for car use (of which there are multiple varieties), and for Plug and Play, which allow usage in multiple locations via specially designed docking stations.

Satellite Radio Tuners: Functions and Features

In addition to receiving the satellite signal via the antenna, most satellite radio tuners include well-lit LCD screens which clearly display the artist and title of the song you're listening to. They also allow for the "storing" of titles, as well as alarm functions, letting you know when a particular favorite is going to be on. Sirius offers a special tuner called "The Sportster" which offers enhanced features for sports enthusiasts, including larger displays for scores and statistics and alarm functions to let fans know when their favorite teams are playing.

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