Sirius Accessories

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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In addition to your subscription to Sirius satellite radio, you'll need dedicated electronics equipment. While some Sirius equipment kits are all-inclusive (depending on the manufacturer), many are not. It's possible that even after purchasing basic equipment you may still need a satellite radio antenna, input adaptors, or FM modulators.

Sirius Accessories: Antennas for Boats and Cars

Marine antennas, for instance, are always sold separately. Two well-known manufacturers for boat antennas include Shakespeare-Galaxy and Terk. Shakespeare-Galaxy features a wide variety of low-profile (i.e., low height) antennas that are considered ideal for smaller vessels. Terk manufactures fine mast-style antennas for all sizes of boats. Standard installation mounts are available for both these types of antennas, but special finishes may also be ordered to match your boat's decor.

Car antennas for Sirius satellite radio are made by leading manufacturers like American International, Audiovox, Jensen, Kenwood, Terk and others. New antennas that affix to the glass of the windshield will soon be widely available. These glass-mounted antennas, already in use with some of Sirius's automobile partners, are expected to be extremely popular for reasons of aesthetics and performance.

Dealers of Sirius accessories should also carry accessories and related items. For instance, if an online outlet carries antennas, they will probably also carry interior, exterior and marine antenna cables, auxiliary input adaptors, single-to-dual input adaptors, replacement remotes, and a wide variety of mounting equipment. Whether you're looking for a brand new set-up or just to upgrade your current equipment cache, Sirius accessory technology is constantly evolving and improving, ensuring that every time you upgrade, the equipment you're purchasing is cutting-edge.

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