Sirius Channels

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Sirius satellite radio features over 120 channels of crystal-clear, digital quality music, talk, news, and informational entertainment. These channels are broadcast live from the heart of midtown Manhattan, from Rockefeller Plaza on 5th Avenue to three satellites high in the sky. The individual signals are then transmitted back to earth to repeaters, where they're then transmitted to the little receiver in your car, your home, your boombox, and soon, your little wearable radio system held in the palm of your hand.

Sirius: Channels for Music, Sports, News and Fun

Sirius's music channels--all 65 of them-are broadcast completely commercial-free. And "commercial-free" also means free of commercial interests. There are no obligatory, tight, repetitive rotations. Experienced disc jockeys (not corporate interests) select the titles to play. And they select them from a music library containing over one million songs.

The sports channels--of which there are eight--feature the best audio sports lineup found anywhere. There's ESPN and ESPN News. There's the official NFL channel, which broadcasts every NFL game played, hosted by expert announcers who give complete and informed play-by-play descriptions. You can also hear NBA and NCAA games in their entirety, as well as multiple talk and information programs that focus on wrestling, racing, soccer and everything else under the sun or in a stadium.

The news channels are equally impressive. Sirius carries 13 dedicated news channels, each with its own full lineup of news and information. CNN, CNBC, FOX and NPR are all here, as are Bloomberg Financial News and the BBC. And if you find the news too depressing, there's always all the Sirius comedy channels, or the fun, spooky radio dramas, or the E! entertainment channel to cheer you up.

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