Sirius Radio

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Sirius radio is the best thing to happen to professional truck drivers since the CB radio. As anyone who's ever traveled cross country--or even across a state--knows, a good chunk of time is spent trying to find a decent station after you've left your favorite signal in the distance. Checking out the local radio fare can be amusing at the start of a trip, but the charm quickly fades after the sixth hour or so, especially if you can't find anything that appeals to you. Unless you're a cultural anthropology student making a study of local radio habits, chances are searching for decent audio entertainment can be tiresome. And packing stacks of CDs in a cramped car or cab just isn't practical.

Enter Sirius satellite radio. Sirius, with its three satellites, transmits crystal-clear, digital-quality music and talk radio programming all across the lower 48 states, and will soon do so in Canada as well. From New York to Los Angeles and from Michigan to Florida, Sirius satellite radio allows professional drivers and happy road-trippers to listen to favorite programs in their entirety, without ever losing signal strength or having to change stations.

Commercial-free music channels are a huge payoff, but so are the longer-format talk options. Rolling down the highway, one can listen to any NFL, NBA, or NCAA game, complete with detailed, expert play-by-play, from pre-game to post-show wrap up. Full length radio dramas, like vintage episodes of The Twilight Zone, or the Mercury Radio Theatre, hosted by Orson Welles, can make long drives much more interesting, and help keep the imagination awake across long stretches of flat plains.

Sirius Radio: the Sirius Trucking Network

Plus, only Sirius has a special satellite channel devoted exclusively to the needs and interests of professional truck drivers. The Sirius Trucking Network includes reports devoted to commercial trucking news, and interviews with leaders in the industry. Plus, they feature multiple hourly reports on weather, road construction, and traffic conditions. One of the Trucking Network's most popular programs is Midnight Trucking, an all-night talk program dealing with personal and professional concerns of the average commercial driver. But it's not all talk--this station also features a customized "hybrid" blend of music, featuring both classic and southern rock favorites, plus a healthy helping of contemporary and classic country hits.

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