Sirius Radio Sales

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Sirius radio sales, always steady, appear to be on the verge of take-off. As of mid 2004, subscriptions had already begun to increase, based purely on word of mouth from enthusiastic users. However, since late summer 2004, Sirius is quickly becoming the most talked about name in satellite radio.

Sirius Sales: from Steady to Stellar

First came the NFL deal, in which Sirius received exclusive satellite broadcast rights to every single NFL game, complete with play-by-play. Not long after that came the announcement that they'd also entered into broadcast partnership with the NCAA. To capitalize on their identity as the satellite radio sports authority, they designed a special radio receiver called the Sportster, with enhanced sports features, to appeal to this particular demographic. The Sportster is now one of the most popular Sirius products on the market.

Then came the Howard Stern deal that set New York and the rest of the radio world on its ear. Stern, tired of corporate media censorship, signed a five-year exclusive broadcast deal with Sirius. Interest in Sirius across the country hit a new high as Stern gave away free Sirius receivers in New York's Union Square. Not only did subscriptions increase almost immediately, but Sirius's stock price took a dramatic spike--and for the first time in decades, standard radio stocks looked vulnerable.

Things continue to look rosy for Sirius. Sirius has become the high-end luxury car satellite provider of choice, as the exclusive partner for BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. And though currently Sirius is only available in the lower 48 United States, it's considered only a matter of weeks before plans are officially announced to begin Canadian broadcast. Sirius sales continue to steadily climb. Long the industry leader, Sirius may well soon be the market leader as well.

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